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welcome to a community of guidance, mentorship, & inspiration. 

I've been blessed by the influence and guidance of some outstanding femmes (and a few good men) and believe in a community of love, resource, and support.

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Connection. Knowledge. Generosity. Inspiration. Moxie.

I hope you take from here a community of like-minded femmes who believe in the hustle and the sisterhood that makes each of us great. Our goal is to bring you tactical tools and beaucoup inspiration to propel you forward into the life you were put on this earth to design.

Our Mission

Femme-Brain is about showing up for yourself and your dreams. It's about working hard to grow yourself and those around you, and filling your toolbox with the skills and preparation necessary to design the life you love.

This community is built for you. We're taking over this corner of the internet to create a space for fellow femmes to expand their arms in the open embrace and unwavering sisterhood of connection, accountability, and a steadfast moxie for all the good this life has to offer.

Femme-Brain is a space to celebrate our successes, teach from our failures, and connect with others who are actively in pursuit of their own dreams.

We rise by lifting others.

About Us


Own your story and let us support you as you go after it. Whether you're on a journey to build a business empire or are looking for tools to know and grow yourself - we love you and we salute you. In this community, we need all of you as the feminine genius that you are.

In service of you

We are powered by the essence of Femme-Brain, in the stories we share and the ideas and hard work that ignite in us a desire to move mountains and raise others with us as we do.

Whether you're here to learn from someone you admire or to share a story of your own, we hope femme | brain serves you, inspires you, and encourages you to fully lean in to who you are and what you can bring to the table.


I'm a Colorado born, NYC based writer, runner, and seltzer lover. I talk fast, eat faster, and am obsessed with the incredible things women are doing around me every single day.

founder, creative, lover 

Erin Lowrey

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on the other side of your fear is your freedom.

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