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5 Powerful Podcast Episodes for Your Quarantine

Want to know a random fact? During this quarantine period, the open internet has seen a greater than 35% spike in traffic across all of the different screens that you can access internet by (think: cell phone, laptop/desktop, internet connected TV/gaming console, tablet, etc.) – we’re reading more articles, watching more videos, and surfing more sites than ever before. But, there’s one medium that has actually seen less user traffic than before the shelter-in-place orders – Audio! Fewer people are commuting, which means that we’re not tuning in to as many of our playlists and podcasts as we normally would. The good news for us is that content creators are NOT taking a break and there is a ton of incredible content still being produced. I’m a huge fan of podcasts – motivational, news/opinion, true crime, humor, all of it – and have rounded up 5 of the best episodes I’ve listened to recently that have helped me to keep perspective, hope, gratitude, and an energy of positivity in the current climate.

  1. The Art of Possibility (The Entreleadership Podcast)- this is one of my most favorite podcast episodes ever. The message is so beautiful and listening to Benjamin Zander’s correlation between music and life gently and artfully provokes deep and meaningful reflection on the world of possibility around us.
  2. Brené on Anxiety, Calm + Over/Under-Functioning (Unlocking Us with Brené Brown) – if you are struggling with anxiety during this uncertain time, you are not alone. Brené addresses “day-to-day” anxiety and helps unpack the patterns and habits we employ to deal with anxiety and how to cultivate a calm practice. I could listen to Brené’s calming voice all day and the message in this episode, in particular, is so powerful in times of anxiety.
  3. Grateful Expectations (The Happiness Lab) – everything about this episode I loved. It’s relatively quick and to the point but offers really interesting data points into how the practice of gratitude manifests itself in positive ways, the ripple effect of gratitude, and ideas for how to create a culture of gratitude at work or at home. I also loved the concept of “Resume Virtues” vs. “Eulogy Virtues” they discuss – listen to learn more!
  4. How to Make Meetings Less Terrible (Freakonomics Radio) – whether you’re working from an office or remotely, this episode offers a great conversation on how to create a culture of impactful meetings that respect the stakeholders’ time and elicit ownership and buy-in over the meeting agenda and take-aways. Every person who works on or with a team that holds meetings should listen!
  5. What Success Really Means with John Maxwell (Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis) – John Maxwell isn’t one of the best selling authors of all time on the topics of self-growth and leadership for no reason. This episode is filled with amazing little nuggets of wisdom and perspectives on how to orient yourself toward true success – spoiler alert, that may not look like what you think it does. I found myself taking notes throughout the episode.

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