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Aug fitness

About Erin

I’m a Colorado-born, NYC-based writer and the founder of femme|brain. In three words, I’d describe myself: inquisitive, resourceful, an advocate. femme|brain is a Venn Diagram of those three things.

I could spend every waking hour listening to women talk about the spark that wouldn’t smolder and the oxygen that grew that spark into a full-blown dream. And, here we are! I come to you as a reporter of the motivation, wisdom, tactical advice, and building blocks that are the foundation of every successful woman.

I hope you take from here both a community of like-minded women who believe in the hustle and the sisterhood that makes each of us great. Our goal is to bring you tactical tools and beaucoup inspiration to propel you forward into the life of your dreams. The life you’ve designed.

About femme|brain

A rising tide lifts all boats. This aphorism rests squarely at the heart of femme|brain‘s mission. We believe that we are greater when we are connected to the women around us. We believe that we have more in common than we do different and that when we link arms as a community, fully embraced to raise each other up, we will change the world.


femme|brain is a platform to share our successes, teach from our failures, and connect with others who are actively in pursuit of their own dreams. We rise by lifting others.


Connection. Knowledge. Generosity. Moxie.