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We are a community of hustlers, working together to be bolder, and better equipped to chase our dreams and live life to our greatest potential.


Why Femme-Brain?

Hello Femme-Fam! Whether you’ve been along for the ride since the first Femme-Brain post or are just landing here, I want, first, to thank you for visiting and to share with you the “why” behind this outlet. If you’ve perused the About page, you can get a feel for who I am aiming to serve and the core beliefs that fuel my desire to create genuine connection and value for women who are pursuing something that lights them on fire. I am SO passionate about women, and business, and women in business, and building communities of strength and support, and living to your fullest potential, and creating evidence of your own abilities, and challenging yourself, and listening to those little passions that keep you up at night, and sharing knowledge and inspiration, and developing the people around me. If it feels like I’m talking fast, it’s because I am, because nothing gets me more amped than watching someone lean into her deepest passions, tap into her potential, and create something beautiful in the process.

Have you ever heard the concept of a “Blue Flame“? I first learned of it several years ago and it rocked me to my core and continues to rock me still. Your blue flame is essentially the happy intersection of where your talents and desires meet. It’s where passion and ability come together and form the what, why, and how of your life. Pretty cool concept, right? That you can somehow tap into what you want to do with what you can do to create a harmony that allows you to live your life oriented toward your true purpose. If that sounds a little floaty for you, I get it. I thought the same thing until I really understood that a blue flame is not the belief that you can be an award winning opera singer when you can’t even carry a tune. Rather, it’s combining the talents you already possess with an outlet that uses those talents to their fullest extent. If you don’t immediately know what your blue flame is, that’s ok! There are lots of ways to hone in and get clarity (you can start here).

Here’s the thing, and it’s a hot take but hear me out – I do think we’re all special snowflakes. Not in the “everyone gets a trophy for participation” kind of way, but in the “we all have specific talents, perspectives, motivations, and ways of connecting that make us uniquely and inherently valuable” kind of way. Hear me when I say that if someone can achieve something, it’s achievable. Period, full stop. Not just by that one someone but by all kinds of someones and the key is simply figuring out the formula that gets someone from her starting point to her chosen destination and then sharing what is learned in discovery along the way.

Originally this space began as a place to keep the notes I would take from conversations with mentors/entrepreneurs/women who inspired me, so I could revisit them time and again. Living in NYC, I saw such an opportunity to connect with women whose experiences covered the spectrum from budding professional to successful business executive or badass entrepreneur. I began reaching out to women who inspired me or interested me and asking to grab coffee just so I could hear their stories and the nuggets of wisdom they picked up along their journeys. What I learned is that people are fascinating and every single soul I came in contact with had something to teach me. I quickly realized that a common thread in every single woman’s story is that she was supported by others at some point in her journey and that support helped her get a little further a little faster. Whoa. What if I could create a resource for sharing those little nuggets with others who may not have the same access I have (or the same level of comfort in grilling someone on her story) to women who are leaning into their blue flames and creating stories that change lives? I could create a network that connects the people who know and want to share with the people who want to know and are eager to learn and THAT could change the world, in some small way.

My vision was simple:
Honing Your Blue Flame + The Wisdom of Someone Who Has Been Where You Want To Go = Life Changing.

Enter: Femme-Brain.

Nothing brings me more joy than providing someone with value that positively impacts her life. I’ve always been the friend that will share my favorite lip balm recommendation or send the link to a podcast episode that really moved me, so it felt natural to me to create a space to do that on a greater scale for a niche of women who are exploring a journey of personal and professional growth.

I love to ask questions – so many questions, I can be exhausting in my curiosity (fully own that) – and I love to connect with people and make them feel seen, heard, and cared about. I love to learn and I believe in the very fiber of my being that I can learn to do anything I put my mind to learning – and if I can, that means you can, too.

So, if you’re interested in growing as a person, growing as a professional, starting or scaling a business, having all kinds of research on all kinds of topics aggregated for you and tied up with a bow: you’ve landed in the right place. I promise to share tid bits of wisdom and knowledge that I learn, actionable insights that work, and inspirational stories to tactically add value to you in your pursuit of greatness. Thank you for coming along on this wild ride!

Xx, Erin

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